Monday, August 1, 2011

Stand Up

There has to be something that drives you and no I am not talking about the will to see One Tree Hill on your DVR at night. I'm talking about what you believe it and want to take a stand for. For some it is the thought of providing for themselves or a loved one, others it's a dream they are chasing, and for those selected few it is the fact they can go home and watch Chad Michael Murray look delicious in their HDTVs. (Yes, that is two One Tree Hill references in on paragraph, you are welcome America... and some parts of Mexico.) Yet, most of US don't feel one way or another when it comes to issues/concerns that is out of our peripheral vision.

There is a lot that is going on outside our window and we don't have a clue. Now I am not going to preach to you what you should be interested in because it is harming you in unimaginable ways (psst, it has to do with your bowels). Sure, there are issues people should be keeping informed on because it has to do with their future and the future of One Tree Hill (oh lawrd, will those kids ever put away their angst??). The problem isn't within the issue the problem is that people aren't knowing the issues and taking a stand.

I am not going to preach at you about how you shouldn't stare at Chad Michael Murray's rock hard abs (last One Tree hill reference, I promise.) and instead pick up a sign to protest the wage of tomato pickers. Though I am going to preach to you that you should know there is an issue with the tomato pickers; whether you agree or not on what they are getting paid is up to you. (though you are a monster if you disagree with ANY of my views... a nasty slimy monster).

See people now a days don't care; there is this general sense of apathy amongst everyone and that has to stop. Why does it have to stop? Because it is going to start affecting us. Now what am I saying that is different that any hippy at a Phish concert? well, first, I hate Phish. They are a bunch of dirty hippies who need to take showers and get real job. Second, there are moves on capitol hill, wall street, local districts that are going to make it where we are going to look back at this blog and go "Why did I ever read that Ginger's Blog??".

Okay let's say you don't care about the people in office, just looking at them gives you the feeling of being touched at summer camp, fair, then take a stand for caring for one another. Help out one another, there are people in need that could desperately need your time and money. Now, I'm not going to tell you where you should spend your resources you Slimy Monster but just give a damn.

That is all I ask: take a stand, learn the issues (political or for caring for one another) and do something about it. If we don't then we are letting that dipshit, who reminds the teacher about homework, rule our lives as we 'focus' on what Jersey Shore Guido is getting and STD from another Guido...

Take a look at these sites if you would like: - it's a site where you play trivia games and for every correct answer you donate rice to a starving family. - A sight where you can help give poverty ridden countries drinking wells. - End child soldiers in central Africa.

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