Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Two Towers

Man I wish this was a Lord of the Rings Blog but it's not. That will have to wait for another day when the King Returns... get it? Return of the King?? *sigh* I'm going to die alone and depressed. This is about America becoming a two party political system. "Dusty, you are very opinionated and talk too much about politics." Well here is a silly picture to hold you over:

People argue that the two party system is a good thing because it would be too cluttered and the majority won't get their choice in the office. Those people are either called Liberal Hippies or Conservative Douches. For the rest of us we agree with both sides, some more than others. Most people feel that they don't have a good choice on the ballot, either they vote for a dude who won't do something or they will vote for a guy that is going to shoot his friends in the face. "Why don't you write in your choice?" That would be the same as not voting at all.

Another downside to this two party system is it has become so split that if a senator or representative crosses the isle (that is a fat white guy term for voting for something of the opposite political party view) he is in fear of never being voted back in office. Man this sounds familiar, what does this kind of action sound like? When a group ostracizes you and gives you the cold shoulder for doing what you think is right. hmmm OH THAT'S RIGHT, High School, except I think I cried a whole lot less in High School than I do now.

So what are we to do with this two party system? Shall we all write in new candidates? Shall we vote for a 3rd party representative? Possible and very good options. Outside of pie-ing every Senator and Representative in the face (buy stock in Marie Calendar's first before) I say we write to our local representative. They have to know they're job is hanging on the wire as much as our own jobs are. They shouldn't be applauded for getting this debt ceiling crisis fixed. That is their job, I have never been applauded for getting my bosses coffee. (though there was the one time he threw it back in my face and then collected my pain tears but that is for another blog).

Write to your local senator and demand change. If you don't get it vote for a third party who will cater to you, that is their job. It's time we take back what is rightfully ours - Our Government.

Now here is what you all came to see, MORE FUNNY PICTURES!

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