Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I hear ricking, tick-tick-ticking at my door.
who should stand there? little Jade there, nothing more.
'what do you want here, with my time dear?'
'I am selling you a tear, nothing more'
'This is suspicious, and malicious, also fictitious'
'One of you mammals should have knew, only if you had a clue, that's why I am here'
Then Jade left in a flash, took off with dash, nothing more.
Now I stand here, with no fear, wide open is the door.

Rhetorical Questions

If you burn a flames flag is that still flag burning or bringing art to real life?

If you made a clone of yourself and kill it, is that suicide or murder?

Was is the sound of a bro's heart breaking?

What does a penguin wear when he wants to look fancy? shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt?

If you made a clone of yourself and slept with it, are you gay or just masturbating?

If a bee became albino, wouldn't it be a flying zebra?

The Morlocks

A massive open area with cliffs houses giant brown stone people are working moving rocks from one place to another. The ladder shoots down in the middle. Abe climbs down. Abe sees bridges connecting the cliffs to one another. He also sees the Morlock people in chains being whipped by bigger Morlocks. Abe waves to one of them. A woman Morlock, looks exactly like a Morlock but with blond hair, comes running out with her baby. She is at the edge of the cliff and she is trying to hand it to Abe. Abe stares at her.

ABE - That's it, I'm outta here.

Abe climbs down the ladder faster. He looks up and sees the Morlock woman crying out to Abe.

ABE -What the hell are you people?

Abe climbs down into a hole at the bottom of the Morlock society.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Top 5

Here are in my opinion, the top 5 greatest albums so far;


Primus - They all can't be Zingers
This is where you will get the greatest works of Les Claypool. Every song has layers upon layers that you can only hear with 3rd-4th time listens. No song sounds alike unless you count oddness as a sound. They are their own style and this is the best of that style. A solid listen from start to finish.


Eminem - Marshal Mathers LP
Straight up raw emotion. Every song you can hear part of his soul into, a feeling you cant get with a gay ass jack johnson cd. He says un'pc' lyrics which are hilarious. Sure he talks about killing his wife, puppy, and pretty much everything else but it is an entertaining listen. with Dre doing some of the beats you cant loose.


Static -x - Wisconsin Death Trip
One of the best metal albums out there. They grab you by the first song and dont let go until about song 10. If you are in the mood to blast some eardrums this is the cd to pick up. Lyrics dont really mean to much its all about the quick burst guitar.


Big Dumb Face - Duke Lion
No one has heard of this band and its a shame because this Cd is the most ecletric cd i have ever heard. One song goes to death metal to funky, to techno, to raw rock to rap. Bizarre to say the least but after listening you will either hate it or be extremely glad that you listened to it. Out of all the cds on this list, this is the one you have to download IF you can find it.


Buckethead - Enter the Chicken
Rounding up the top 5. This is a holy crap of guitar merry-go-round. Produced by serg from system of a down, he utilizes buckethead and makes a great cd. Like Big Dumb Face, it goes from melodic to rap to grunge to heavy metal and back again. Think of it like big dumb face but more talented.