Sunday, August 7, 2011

Comedy Works

I had the great pleasure of hosting a comedy show this weekend for Samuel J. Comroe as he had his first headlining gig in LA at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank. The Friday line up alone was amazing; you seriously couldn't ask for a better show.

I hosted, then introduced Adam Ray. If you have never had a chance to see Adam Ray go to his site ( and enjoy yourself. Well not like that, please zip up the pants. Adam has one of my favorite stand up jokes of all time (he talks about Folgers Coffee). He was kind enough to do the joke which got an applause break; absolutely hilarious.

After Adam I brought up Tony Baker ( Tony Baker is one of my good friends in stand up and also one of the realist, nicest, humble gentlemen you will ever meet. As he weaves his way through act-outs and story jokes; Tony makes you feel like you have been his friend for more than the 20 minutes he has been on stage. When he says "Good Night, enjoy Sam", you wish you had at least 10 more minutes with him so he can dazzle you with another one of his stories.

Time for the Headliner - Samuel J. Comroe ( Sam is rare beast of a comic. Not only does Sam have a special voice because he has tourrettes but he also can go off on 10 minute tangents with the crowd based on something he sees and the crowd is with him every joke along the way. He has this likability about him that you have to see to understand. He hits the stage running with joke after joke after joke, like a machine gun that shoots jokes (okay I am really bad at metaphors). Long story short, Sam is relentless. See him now before you have to pay $50 bucks a ticket to see him in an amphitheater.

The Saturday show was even better. Same line up but replace Adam Ray with Dave Reinitz and Jackson McQueen. If I could summarize Dave in a sentence it would be: Dave is a little Jew man who is mad at the corporations and the Idiocracy of today and he has had enough. Jackson ( is a whole different beast himself. He can make the crowd laugh by just looking oddly at the crowd. Just an all around sense of fun with Jackson that is a tough act to follow.

For those who didn't get a change to see the show, you really missed out. That was the highest caliber of comedy you could have seen and it will be a show people will be talking about for some time.

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