Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Applebees Dinner Items!

Here are a few new items waiting for you next time you enter your neighborhood's Applebees!

The Double Triple Burger

This delicious meat-safari will send your tongue big game hunting! We don't only give you three juicy meat patties, we double that! Have you ever heard of a meat comma? Don't worry you will once you wake up from one after finishing this endangered species!

Darryl Strawberry's Chili Fries

We start with a bed of golden 'cooked to perfection french fries' then add grandma's home cooked chili, top it with FOUR different types of cheeses, and finish it with a dash of hobo spices. Why do we call it Steve Job's Chili Fries? After finishing a plate, you are sure to have colon cancer.

The Good For You Salad

We here at Applebees are committed to stop childhood obesity and we think this salad is step in the right direction. What screams healthier than free range, corn fed, all white meat chicken; DEEP FRIED. We put that on a bed of napkins with your choice of dressings; Buttermilk Ranch, Double Molasses BBQ, or Quadruple Honey Mustard.

Starlet Fajita

USDA Marinate steak with bell peppers and onions served on a sizzling hot griddle. (CAUTION: The fajita griddle is extremely hot. One touch could cause 1st degree burns and an extensive trip to the hospital where your family will forget who you are due to your addiction to pain killers.

Eye Opener Margarita

Tequila, Spiced Rum, Apple Juice, Margarita Mix, and dark memories of summer camp that have kept you awake for countless nights; blended and served in your very own take-home Applebees' glass!

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