Monday, September 12, 2011

Funny Pictures

I'd thought I would share some pictures that I have seen that I think are hilarious. Followed by my analysis on why these pictures are hilarious.

Outside of the obvious joke, what makes this funny is 2 different things; 1) The tone of the message is serious. (2) It is written on a chalk board.

For those of you who might miss this joke, Galactus is a Marvel villain who destroys planets. He is God like in Human/beast like form. For him to be on the couch, in a robe, most likely watch Maury is hilarious. Also he does need to get a job, free loaders piss me off.

This is semi funny (it is an add after all) but I despise bros. My next blog will explain the different types of bros. I have been studying them like a scientist studies monkeys... Yup I made up my mind, I will discuss Bros in depth.

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