Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Projects

I have some new projects going on. Well not so much new, some are new and some are old but are given new life.

First the old; Silly Boyz Podcast.  . It will happen more frequently and promises to entertain you and make you giggle like you were kissing your first lumberjack. Sam will be in most the podcasts but this will also give us an opportunity to introduce you to some great comedians that tour the country.

Also, this one I am really excited for (like kissing a lumberjack), is the new sketch group I am in; Cupcake Riot. If you have seen any of my 400 posts about the videos, go here watch some videos and then subscribe to said videos. Cupcake Riot  . We are going to flood the airwaves with some great comedy.

On another more sad note, LA lost a great comedian this week. Angelo Bowers was a comedian's comedian. His jokes were just as good on paper as they were on stage. He performed not for fame nor for any other reason than the fact that he got to tell jokes in front of people who wanted to hear jokes. On top of that, he loved people. We knew each other as fellow comedians yet he remembered my name and greeted me with a hug. He will be missed.

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